The making of new instruments will always be a requirement, as long as musicians and composers remain creative.

Sometimes I will have instruments available or you may choose to commission a new instrument. I offer several models for my violins, either the 1742 Guarneri del Gesù ‘Lord Wilton‘ or the 1715 Stradivari ‘Cremonese‘. The other option is a custom instrument made to suit your desires, such as a 5 string violin or an internal pickup.

Taking orders for 2022/2023

#04 ‘Hipnotista

PRICE: $5000 CAD | available June 2022

My violin bows are currently played by world class musicians all around the world. Bows for the violin family remain an area of which has endless possibilities, and I aim to continue pushing the boundaries. As the availability of traditional materials changes, the use of new materials brings a new era of bow making.

Although I construct my bows primarily out of sustainably sourced pernambuco, I also enjoy using other woods such as ipe, snakewood, cocobolo, and others. One thing that I believe makes my bows stand out is the playability, which I work very hard to achieve.

Taking orders for 2022/2023

#07 – Modern Bow in Pernambuco

PRICE: $1500 CAD | available June 2022