Album | The Yellow Fiddle

The Yellow Fiddle is my work in progress album of tunes I’ve not only learned throughout the years, but also the tunes I’ve written along the way. The name and art is inspired by “Amarilla, The Yellow Fiddle”, and its twin “Flora, The Flower Fiddle”, a pair of fiddles I built in 2017/2018 for my good friend and fellow musician Ted View.

The Yellow Fiddle is a jig written on the day I applied the first coat of varnish. The A part was written by me and the B part was written by Alexandre Tetrault.

The album contains 20 tracks of various styles, and features Cathy Sproule on Piano. Other artists to be confirmed Fall 2022. I hope to finish and release the album in 2022.

Album art by Ted View

Tunebook | A Compilation of Contemporary Fiddle Tunes

This tunebook is my passion project dating back to 2016, in which I set out to compile relatively new tunes of various styles and traditions from musicians all around the world. The project has no definitive release date, but I am aiming for 2022.

* Cover art is a placeholder

Spotify Playlist

This is my Spotify playlist that I’ve built over the years. The playlist consists of Irish, Scottish, Cape Breton, Canadian, and American tunes and whatever other styles fall between those. I update regularly and am always happy to take suggestions to be added.