My Music

On my website I feature all the music that I’d have the pleasure of recording. Whether it be for a studio album, or a jam that got out of hand. The written sheet music contains my own compositions, and different tunes that I’ve learned from various people around the world. I try to keep my website up to date and as recent as possible, however this isn’t always the case. 

You can listen to my music on many streaming websites, or purchase directly here.

– Khelton Headley-Wolf

Contemporary Fiddle Tunes: The Tune Book
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My Instruments

"Khelton Headley-Wolf is a wonderful self-taught musician, and a incredibly talented fiddle maker. He did an absolutely fantastic job creating a very unique and unforgettable set of twin violins(The Yellow Fiddle & The Flower Fiddle). The varnish is beautiful and vivid, and the tone is very loud and sweet. The tone did not sound like a new instrument at all, and in addition did not need to be broken in, therefore exactly what you want in an instrument. Above all a great luthier, and I would recommend his fiddle making skills to those in the market."

Violins start at $2500 CAD

My Bows

I began crafting bows in 2019, and plan to only produce a handful per year, as I'd like to focus the majority of my time on building my instruments. All bows are made from sustainably sourced Pernambuco, and mounted with ebony, sterling silver, and accented with abalone.

Bows cost $1000 CAD

My Cases

For years I searched for the perfect case, that had everything I wanted and didn't cost a fortune. During a discussion with a fellow musician, we decided to create our own cases, that offer world class protection, full suspension, all whilst still being affordable for all levels of musicians. I offer 2 styles of hard cases out of Carbon Fiber and 1 style out of polyurethane. Every case includes a handcrafted leather handle(vegan option), a protective violin cover, and nylon shoulder straps,
Polyurethane Cases start at $250 CAD
Carbon Fiber Cases start at $450 CAD