Current Projects

Compilation of Contemporary Fiddle Tunes: Work in Progress

This compilation of fiddle tunes contains various compositions from all over the world, from different musicians that I have interacted with over the years. I make an attempt to include a wide variety of tunes, to showcase regional styles and above all the uniquness of each composer. It is currently slated to be finished in 2019.
(in other words, maybe 2019)

Album: The Yellow Fiddle

The Yellow Fiddle is an album that is made up of both my favourite tunes, and a few self composed sets.
More info coming soon!

John MacDougall Project: Work in Progress

John MacDougall composed roughly 38,000 tunes during his lifetime and attempted to keep them secret, as he claimed they came to him from deceased musicians. I've gathered here as many of his tunes that I know of, and compiled them here as an on-going, living project. I am currently still in the process of transcribing the tunes, and will happily accept assistance.

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A Jig for Kim / Gail Hendry's / Mrs. Dorgan Lee

Tunes written by Khelton Headley-Wolf

St Michael's Second Change

Written by Karrnnel Sawitsky & John Arcand

Magpie's Nest / Father Kelly's

Traditional Tunes
Coming Soon





Hornpipes / Clogs / Polkas /

Marches / Strathspeys

Coming Soon