Violin & Bow Making

Handcrafted & Sustainably Sourced

Every handcrafted violin or bow I build is from start to finish. All the wood I use is sustainably sourced, generally from fallen trees, and moreover all materials I use that relate to the instrument remain eco-friendly and environmentally conscious. I love the Earth.

Built to perfection

I strive to build the best possible instrument for you, so firstly I will gather as much information prior to starting to construct. Secondly I will remain in contact throughout the entire process until the final product is exactly what you desire. Thirdly, if changes are required at any stage, I will do my best to work them in. I want each instrument I am making to be the best for you above all else.

Custom Order

I believe that every instrument should be personal and meaningful. Each of my orders will revolve around what you want, and I always do as much as I can. There are plenty of options I have to offer that will make my instruments standout.

Instrument Repair

Aside from new instruments that I make. I also accept used instruments that require repair. Ranging from simple setup to being completely refurbished, I will advise you on what I recommend. I am happy to take a look at no cost. Similarly I will offer free lifetime checkups and setups for all of my instruments.

Safe International Shipping

If you are unable to pickup the instrument from me in person, I do my best to provide safe shipping. Every instrument or bow I ship will be carefully packaged, and I always provide insurance to protect the instrument. After you receive it, I will give a period to confirm everything is as I promised. I will choose the fastest and most reliable method of delivery. Of course, I think that local pickup is ideal.