Current Projects

Compilation of Contemporary Fiddle Tunes: Work in Progress

This compilation of fiddle tunes contains various compositions from all over the world, from different musicians that I have interacted with over the years. I make an attempt to include a wide variety of tunes, to showcase regional styles and above all the uniqueness of each composer. Over 60 tunes.

Release in 2020

Album: The Yellow Fiddle

The Yellow Fiddle is an album that consists of various fiddle styles including; Cape Breton, Irish, Scottish, and Old Time. It contains self composed tunes, contemporary, and traditional tunes.

Fiddle: Khelton Headley-Wolf
Piano: Cathy Sproule
Guitar: Emanuel Schulz
Release in 2020

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A Jig for Kim / Gail Hendry's / Mrs. Dorgan Lee

Tunes written by Khelton Headley-Wolf

St Michael's Second Change

Written by Karrnnel Sawitsky & John Arcand

My Spotify Playlist

Spotify Playlist

This playlist contains roughly 500 tracks of the music that I like to listen to, and it’s something that I constantly add to when I discover new music. It consists of several genres including Cape Breton, Canadian Old Time, Scottish, Irish, and whatever else falls into the realm of fiddle tunes. 

(some tunes may not be available in your region)





Hornpipes / Clogs / Polkas /

Marches / Strathspeys